Laser Removal of Nevus of OTA & ABNOM

Nevus of OTA is a benign birth mark that affects mostly oriental ladies (up to 0.8% of Japanese Females). Males may also be affected.

Before & After

A variant of nevus of known as ACQUIRED BILATERAL NEVUS OF OTA LIKE MACULES / ABNOM for short, also does well with the pigment lesion laser.




Q: How can it be treated?
A : It can be cleared with Pigment lesion lasers (We use the QS ND YAG 1064 NM)

Q : How many treatments are necessary?
A : 8 - 10 treatments


Q : What is the interval of treatment?
A : 1-3 months in between each treatment


Q : Is it painful?
A : Numbing cream and ice are used to make the procedure more comfortable, but there will be some discomfort for a few seconds.


Q : How long does the treatment take?
A : The procedure takes less than 5 mins




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