Hair Transplant

Hair transplant surgery is the only way to regain hair that is your own ,permanently.


We use the back of your scalp (occipital area) to harvest the hair follicles or grafts
We prepare them by SLIVERING & CUTTING and make micro insertions where you need more hair & then insert the trimmed follicles.

Hairline Design - Soft Hairline Post Transplant


- A good candidate for surgery is therefore a patient who has decent density & is unlikely to lose it.


- This is all done under local anaesthesia & tumescence which makes it a painless & bloodless procedure.


- There will be swelling for a day or so you may return to work in 2 days depending on the number of grafts done .


- Folliclular Unit Transplants or FUT is the technique as described which gives you a natural replacement of your own hair which occurs naturally in groups of 1-4 hairs or single follicles.


This is usually done by the STRIP method of harvesting a strip of skin from the back of the scalp/ head…resuturing or closing the strip by TRICHOPHYTIC closure technique which leaves a very faint scar, see image below.

- FUE / follicular unit extraction technique is an alternative method of harvesting grafts by using an extractor machine that punches out each graft .These naturally grouped grafts can then be reinserted in the usual fashion , without further trimming.


- The absence of a ‘Strip” scar is preferred by some , & this technique is also useful when the donor area is insufficient or harvesting from beard / chest hairs is desired.


- Transplanted grafts will fall before regrowing in 8-12 weeks.

Follicle preparation using the latest stereomicroscopes



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