Q : So the Procedure is called FUT/ Follicular Unit Transplant... what is a Follicular Unit?
A : This is the way hair occurs in nature , which is in groups of 1-4 hairs , otherwise known as a 'graft'


Q : so if I get a 1000 grafts/FUs(follicular units) how many hairs is that?
A : Anything between 2000 -3000 hairs!


Q : How long does the Hair transplant procedure take?
A : Usually an entire morning ,ie 8 am - 2 pm / afternoon 2- 6 pm


Q : Is it painful ?
A : Pain is minimal & is usually during the delivery of the Local Anaesthaesia/ needle prick delivery of LA fluid.After which you are comfortably numb. Oral sedation is not required , but is available on request. The anaesthesia usually lasts the entire day. in fact some degree of numbness may persist for several weeks. The use of audio visual entertainment devices during the procedure is encouraged.


Q : What is the recovery like? & How soon can i return to work?
A : Most of the swelling that occurs due to the local fluid , has dissipated the next day . You may work the following day if really necessary, though its good if you could take the opportunity to take a couple of days off work. The small scabs at the graft insertion sites will fall off in about 10 days.


Q : How soon can i exercise?
A : Gentle exercise , ie power walking may begin 5 days later ... more vigorous workouts 2 weeks later.


Q : How soon will the grafted hairs regrow?
A : some hairs will begin to regrow within 6 weeks, but most will take about 12 weeks . Full extent of regrowth may be seen 8 -12 months post transplant


Q : Will all of them regrow?
A : yes , 100%



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